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“David is an enthusiast for life, with deep-seated love of the mountains, and a master on skis. Able to wedel on one foot alone, and it does not matter which, he places great emphasis on all-round balance and fluency, shared effectively through carefully constructed exercises, all fun! Happily, videos were analysed positively (eg sensitively:-), with valuable attention to adaptations in technique that are required for different conditions. Always entertaining, drawing upon his lifelong experiences, many friends and local contacts in this area, David ensured terrific company and conditions both on and off piste. My week with him last year was truly exceptional; learning, laughing and making new friends, with memorable fresh tracks. I could not have wished for more, and will certainly be back!”

Tony Hawkins, Ivybridge, Devon.

David Lindsay is a brilliant ski teacher. His experience as an instructor for the ESF coupled with his own unusual powers of observation have made him a very perceptive analyser of what his pupils are doing. And he has a mission to help them get the most out of their skiing and their holiday. He knows the Trois Vallees extremely well, enjoys taking people off the beaten track and will find good snow if it is there to be found. He also makes it fun. Anyone who has a desire to improve and something of a spirit of adventure will find him the perfect team leader.

Anna Buxton, Edinburgh.

A David Lindsay Off-Piste Ski Course in Meribel is an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands, or feet, or even skis.   If you look at David’s web-site you will quickly absorb the history of both the man & the resort which he rightly calls his own – when will he learn to ski somewhere else??!!

David very kindly invited me to attend his inaugural courses in 2009 as some kind of added attraction to his group of clients – I was determined NOT to let them down and decided to perform the perfect forward roll off-piste on the back La Masse heading down Les Encombres towards St.Martin de Belleville.  I am delighted that David’s clients got their money’s worth both with my antics, as a powder bunny, and with his exemplary guidance and tuition as befits a man with such dynastic traditions in Les Trois Vallees.

I could of course natter on for ages, but that would detract from both David’s professionalism and my shamateurism….so I can but urge you to join David in 2014.  

Colin Mathews, Cotswolds.

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