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Course Details

David is running 3 and 6 day ski-courses for just two weeks during the season. These are for “reasonably capable” off-piste skiers and those who are keen to venture further from the trails, discover more of the 3 Valleys and have an “OK” level of fitness. The courses have a mixture of technique, video analysis and lots of skiing, on-piste as well as off.

The atmosphere is fun, friendly and informal but with a real enthusiasm for the sport and the mountains and will suit those who want to increase their off-piste capabilities and overall technique whilst skiing with a group of like-minded skiers.

The technical side will focus on:

  1. Safety – especially off-piste.
  2. Equipment – right length skis and boots that work.
  3. Perfect balance.
  4. Video analysis – is that really me?
  5. Skiing in and on different types of snow.
  6. How the skis work on piste. Carving – am I or aren’t I?
  7. Your personal objectives.
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